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I never thought it would come to a night like tonight
I mean, we were just watching a movie, I never even gave you the green light
But that didn’t stop you when I kept saying ‘no’
You told me it was fine, ‘just go with the flow’
‘I can’t do this, no, please, stop’
But that didn’t mean shit to you, you just forced yourself on top
I closed my eyes, not ready for a second of this to begin
I tried forcing you away, but you just pushed yourself right in
Tryin’ to take control like I was something that you owned
Are you gonna blame it on the weed and just tell me you were stoned?
It was like a dream, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing
And to think I ever believed you were a decent human being
I found enough strength and I grabbed all my shit and left
But you took even more from me, and I’m callin’ that theft
Does anyone ever really recover from any of that?
‘Cause depression is inviting me in with a welcome mat
I’m trying to blur everything out, but my focus is on
This must be etched in my head, I know it can’t be drawn
I’m trying to act like this didn’t effect me, and it was only a scrape
But whenever I see your face, all can I think is ‘real men don’t rape’

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